ThatRedEngineer 23. Feb. um 6:48 Uhr
How Do I Lower the FPS?
I've been having some bugs in the beginning of the game whenever I start one with the horses spazzing out all over the place while the cart tumbles over several times. I know that I should lower the FPS down to around 60-70, but I don't know where to find it on my PC!

Does anybody know where I should go to?
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Lonestarr 23. Feb. um 7:24 Uhr 
You can force v-sync with gpu control-panel, or use this:
Мариус 23. Feb. um 7:45 Uhr 
Go to nvidia control panel ---> force V-ync that`s how I do it
ThatRedEngineer 23. Feb. um 8:01 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von SUIRAM:
Go to nvidia control panel ---> force V-ync that`s how I do it

Ok, but I can't find the control panel for nvidia. nor can I find the option to turn on V-sync!
MageThis 23. Feb. um 8:01 Uhr 
For AMD launch Catalyst Control Centre.. it might be in your SysTray if it is loaded on Startup. Also check out "RadeonPro":
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MageThis 23. Feb. um 8:02 Uhr 
Right-click on a vacant spot on your desktop.
iPeer 23. Feb. um 8:17 Uhr 
Doesn't the launcher have a vsync option?
WNxFluttershy 23. Feb. um 8:22 Uhr 
Or mod the hell out of it and put it on Ugrid 11. Just saying.
McFlameWang 23. Feb. um 9:18 Uhr 
Getting high FPS causes that? I've never seen that happen.
Zefram Cochrane 23. Feb. um 11:22 Uhr 
If you're using an ENB theres a setting in the .ini file to enable VSync or Limit FPS, 60 being the default one used by the game. ENB boost is a way to do it without using the ENB features, contains Shesan's memory patch too
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ThatRedEngineer 23. Feb. um 12:16 Uhr 
Ok, the problem is fixed now! Thanks for the help!
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