SketchSlayer 21. Feb. 2014 um 1:19 Uhr
Stuck in third person and can't move
well I was in that temple of miraak in the dragonborn dlc and I had put away my sword when a deathlord showed up and I drew my sword as it fus ro dah'd which sent me flying in third person, it led to inability to move even with use of enableplayercontrols jumping and swinging the sword still work though, kinda wondering what causes this sort of bug
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Spring Miku 21. Feb. 2014 um 5:08 Uhr 
maybe an animation conflict...
try to continue form an older save
Skynet ® 21. Feb. 2014 um 6:19 Uhr 
The Drgonborn DLC sorry to say has it's glitches as mostly with the last fight with Miraak, which can kill ya game as the last part of the fight don't kick in. The issues have been reported to Bethesda, but as of yet, have not been dealt with. I agree to load from a previous save.
SketchSlayer 21. Feb. 2014 um 13:01 Uhr 
Only mentioned dragonborn as I figured it might have had something to do with the stuff in the temple I rebounded off of (this was the trip to get the first black book), pretty sure it was just a base game problem as everything involved bar the room was from the base game, and yeah ended up doing that after 5 mins luckily I had an autosave from going in so I just tai'd til I got back to the room which only took a few minutes.

Guessing this should act as a warning not to draw a sword when something is fus roing, kinda weird that I was able to jump and swing my sword and such when movement and camera had been locked
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