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MikePlaysIt Feb 20, 2014 @ 8:14am
Draugr/Skeleton glowing eyes contagious? Glowing eyes bug anyone???
Has anyone else had this bug before on their character? You get these glowing light blue eyes, that will sometimes fade in and out depending on the angle you look at your character at. It also seems to cause other effects, like looking up suddenly or jumping causes two light blue streaks to appear for an instant...

I first noticed this after I started seeing the glowing streaks while looking up in Riften just randomly, and I happened to hit F and go into 3rd person, and then spun around to the front of my character, and boom, there's these weird♥♥♥♥♥annoying huge glowing light blue eyes.. Just like you see on the Drauger and Skeletons..

I mentioned the Draugr and the Skeletons, because before I noticed this bug, I went to Yngvild for the four journals that the guy in the Ragged Flagon asked for, and also for the Stone of Benzawhoozits that's in there.. I figured that it MUST have something to do with Draugr and Skeletons, but I wasn't sure. (Also, please note that I used Aura Whisper in Yngvild) So I simply reloaded a manual save from WAY earlier, and it was gone, as the save was made before the events that triggered the bug...

WELL, just now, about 10 minutes ago I was playing Skyrim again, and I was on the Dark Brotherhood mission to kill the girl on the ship "Red Wave". At the Solitude docks... Well, I did that, all went fine, but when I got out of the ship's cabin, onto the docks, I tried to hit T and wait for a few hours until daylight so I could search under the docks for stuff.. Well I noticed that I couldn't wait as "Enemies were near by", so I walked a ways away, and then waited.. Came back to the docks, and wanted to wait a little longer because it was still a little dark, and again "Can not wait when enemies are near by"... So I looked over at my compass and sure enough, and little red dot.. I'm looking around like crazying trying to find whatever it is, thinking it's a dragon, or maybe the folks in the ship turned hostile.. Nope.. So I used Aura Whisper, and saw a red glow underneath the docks, and thought it was a Slaughterfish. Also, thought it strange that a damn Slaughterfish would pursue me for so long... But then I realized what the faint clicking sounds were.. IT WAS A DAMN SKELETON... So I hopped up onto the boat to get eyes on it and kill it, and I fell into the water... There it is, it's blue eyes glowing, still glowing red from the Aura Whisper.. So it makes for the dock access to get up on land, and so do I.. Well, I hopped out of the water and caught it with a weak arrow shot, it fell to pieces.. Done deal, right? NOPE.. Because now ever since that bug happened, I'm super paranoid, so I hit F to check my eyes, and sure enough the damn things were glowing! By then I thought SURELY it was something to do with the Draugr and Skeletons with the blue glowing eyes... I thought maybe because I was underwater with it, it might have caused it for some reason? Reloaded the quick save, hit the Aura Whisper to locate it again, and took it out with an arrow, while I'm still on the dock. Immediately hit F, checked my face, EYES ARE GLOWING! Again, damnit. So this time I simply loaded another manual save that was made before I even accepted the DB quest for the chick on the boat, and left it the hell alone, aint going back to them docks, EVER!

But, that got me thinking.. Does it have something to do with using Auro Whisper around these things with the light blue glowing eyes such as the Drauger and Skeletons? Maybe using Auro Whisper and then killing them either while Auro Whisper is still active or shortly after??? Has anyone else had this issue, and do you remember what events led up to it? I know there are supposedly so fixes out there for it, but I wanna know what I'm doing wrong to avoid this issue so I don't have to manually save a million times and play worrying. I would appreciate any help or ideas that anybody can lend me.. Thanks.....
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iPeer Feb 20, 2014 @ 8:15am 
Sounds to me like your character is a Vampire.
MikePlaysIt Feb 20, 2014 @ 8:21am 
No, these eyes are light blue.. And it's literally the entire white and iris of the eye, solid light blue.. And it fades in and out depending on what angle you're viewing the character at... So I'm not a vampire.... Next time you use Aura Whisper around Draugr and/or Skeletons, and then kill them, check out your eyes... Make sure it aint bugged.. Because I really think that's what's going on, but I really can't be sure.. I'm hoping someone else might have found the definite reason for the bug.
MikePlaysIt Feb 20, 2014 @ 3:26pm 
Alright, I'll give that a try next time it happens.... I think it actually does have something to do with using Aura Whisper at a certain time while fighting certain enemies, such as Draugr, Skeletons and Ice Wraiths. Though one person said that they picked it up after fighting an Ice Wraith, but they didn't use Aura Whisper.. Who knows, maybe Aura Whisper just increases the chances of the happening... Because the first time, in Yngvild, I was using Aura Whisper like CRAZY, as I'm a Level 81. and it's loaded with Draugr Deathlords for me.. Draugr Deathlords that seem to be able to one shot me with their shouts. So needless so say I was using Auro Whisper and getting 3.0X sneak shots with my Daedric Bow on every kill....
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