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NightshareCz Feb 20, 2014 @ 1:46am
Please help Skyrim shuts down suddenly in specific moments Please help
Hi guys I have problem with shutting down the game in the middle of the 2 similar quests.

First shut down was at the quest in solitude (dont remeber the quest name) I need to go to the abandoned wing in Blue palace (with the key,acquired by female).I go to the room,up to the first floor and only one way is go through the more lighter hall and then suddenly game shut down.I remeber from previous playing that some voice told something to you or something happend with sound or maybe graphic.Game always shut down at the some situation.

The same problem is in the main quest ''Diplomatic immunity'' .It happend when you go outside the Solitude to talk to Delfina..She asked you if you are rdy or not, I click on yes I'm ready,she said good luck and it' happends again,game get frost/stuck,waiting for 1 minute,nothing happend (frost image is still there,also the sound) so I shut it down manually...

Please help me.I tried to re-install the game,remove mods,switch opcital sound to analog,decrease sound to the worst qualitty,decrease graphic to the lowest,restart PC
Same problem

Graphic : AMD 2 Gb
Processor : AMD phenom II x4 955 3.20 ghz
w7 Profesional 64 bit
Ram : 16 Gb
Two monitors

(sorry for my Enligsh)
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The_DarkPrince Feb 20, 2014 @ 8:28am 
Diplomatic immunity problem - I had similar problem.
Solution - Before talking to Delphine, empty your inventory completely including armour (off course excluding the quest items). This will probably fix it.
I had that problem and it was some mods that I thought had nothing to do with quest. One mod was for carrying greater capacity. It may be a mod stopping you from working.
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