nightwingsgurl Feb 19 @ 6:51pm
Storing items in wifey's house
If I marry Ysolda and I dump my items in her house, will she hold on to them for me or will they disappear? Would they need to be in containers to ensure they stay, or could I just dump them on the floor? I guess it wouldn't really be *my* house, but I haven't purchased one yet and really need to get rid of my extra 400 lb of loot! Thanks!
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fran25 Feb 19 @ 7:06pm 
Player.modav carryweight 1000000 should handle your problem.
Mr.Shaggnificent Feb 19 @ 7:21pm

Her house is not safe. it will respawn after ten days.

Originally posted by fran25:
Player.modav carryweight 1000000 should handle your problem.
using console commands can cause issues.
nightwingsgurl Feb 19 @ 7:49pm 
Good to know that it's not safe. Thank you! I noticed that some areas, like the Jarls I get food and gold from, respawn. Does every house respawn? If so, will they only respawn food, or will they also have more gold, pots, plates, etc?
rresuggan Feb 19 @ 8:02pm 
i dropped stuff in arch mage quarters at college and kodiaks room in companions b4 i bought breezesholm and it stayed there
fran25 Feb 20 @ 6:08am 
That console command has never given me one in 2945 hours. I am sure you are right that some can but there are also mods that affect carryweight such as picked up a spoon on Steam. The only question is do you want to be really burdened by what you can carry.

It is a choice that people have made,
Draaf fah Hahlor Feb 20 @ 6:34am 
Outside of Ysoldas house there is a chest by some barrels, i alwys use that till i get somewhere for myself, i've never lost anything there, but i can't say for sure that it's safe...
Zefram Cochrane Feb 21 @ 9:23am 
Originally posted by Mr.Shaggnificent:

Her house is not safe. it will respawn after ten days.

Thats before marriage though? Spouse houses are safe or no? Must test it sometime...

edit: on further investigation it seems it isn't safe.
Last edited by Zefram Cochrane; Feb 21 @ 9:27am
nightwingsgurl Feb 23 @ 4:31pm 
Okay, good to know (BTW, love the name, Cochrane ;) Thank you all!
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