Vladdy Poo 18 feb om 7:59vm
Anyone know a good place to find dragons?
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Ordovician 18 feb om 8:06vm 
The real question is; 'how do I avoid them?'

Seriously though, any place on the map/compass with a dragon skull is a dragon spawnpoint. Bonestrewn Crest, east of Ivarstead/south of Windhelm, is a good place.
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Fallen_Eaglez 18 feb om 8:15vm 
Obviously, Dragon's Lair, well if you fast travelling enough sometime the dragon spawn along when you just arrived, but if you desperate, use console command to spawn it!
Shank 18 feb om 8:39vm 
or use Deadly dragons mob
chrisnc35 18 feb om 8:40vm 
Can do the first few quests in the Blades quest line, dragons will spawn more frequently.

Ask the Greybeards for a location for a new word of power, many of them will be outside, near dragons.
gnewna 18 feb om 8:47vm 
Also if you use a Shout in a city (be careful not to use it *on* anyone!) you may get a mysterious Letter From A Friend which suggests you investigate a location, although IME those are often dungeons more than dragon sites, but I expect sometimes they are.

Also, for some reason, nearly every time I go to Morthal (in any save) I get a dragon show up, although they often fly off halfway through fighting and I can't always catch up to them - sometimes they come back, partially healed, sometimes not.
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Trigger 18 feb om 9:34vm 
Dragon's are just big p_ssy-cats
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MageThis 18 feb om 9:42vm 
Origineel geplaatst door Trigger:
Dragon's are just big p_ssy-cats
Probably genetically closer to tweety-pie.
Trigger 18 feb om 9:59vm 
I thought i saw a p_ssy-cat, i did, i did
Payday 18 feb om 10:07vm 
join the blades and hunt dragons
cryoweasel 18 feb om 11:33vm 
not sure ift this was just accidentally - but when I set two of my capabilities to 'legendary' as I reached level 100 in them (armor and one-handed) waht was the very next beast - a dragon ! ok, my huscarl did what he could to protect me, haha
NEMESIS :-) 18 feb om 11:39vm 
if u want unlimited dragons... download tundra defense mod and set up a dragon attack. As many dragons as you want :-)
NEMESIS :-) 18 feb om 11:39vm 
karthspire (not sure about spelling) is a good place for blood dragons (untill you kill them)
Vladdy Poo 19 feb om 7:29vm 
Whats the command to spawn it?
Origineel geplaatst door Fallen_Eaglez:
Obviously, Dragon's Lair, well if you fast travelling enough sometime the dragon spawn along when you just arrived, but if you desperate, use console command to spawn it!
Skyrimnut 19 feb om 7:43vm 
Barring the obvious dragon lairs, there are a few frequent spawn points for dragons that you should be aware of.

-Riverwood area, ranging anywhere from the road to whiterun to the town proper.
-On the road heading north to Dawnstar from whiterun, often a dragon will spawn fighting a giant
-Falkreath is a hotspot, especially if you fast travel there.
-Outside of Dawnstar, where the khajiit caravan is.
-Near Gjukar's monument. This place can be a giant/dragon warzone, careful it can ruin the Book of Love quest
-Morthal, this is an unexpected little hotbed for dragon spawning.
-Katlia's farm
-College of Winterhold
-Outside the stables at Windhelm
-Outside the stables at Riften, lol this place can often spawn everything but the kitchen sink
-Homesteads, but especially Lakeview Manor.

Fast travel tends to trigger the spawns. I have found that I have encountered far less dragons in builds that don't fast travel. I had to put a mod that increases the spawn rate to compensate.
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G20 19 feb om 12:40nm 
I made this collection of mods to answer just such a question, there might be something you fancy here:
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