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LadySky89 Feb 17, 2014 @ 10:19am
My latest dilemma, optimization through tool or not? (need expert's opinions)
Ok, one of the many lacks Bethesda games have is optimization. Games crash/block/stutters often without any apparent reason. Many of the issues are provoked by heavy textures (even if quality may not suggest it...) in older (but not too much) machines.

Compared to many players, at least for Skyrim and at least this time, I only crashed 3 times in 130 hours. My most common problem is stuttering, sometimes the game respond perfectly, other times, even if the machine has just been turned on (so nothing is leeching memory in background), stoping after 30-40 minutes of gameplay (when should actually get worse, since vram should be more saturated by that time), starting again if I minimize the game for any reason.

I have been adviced this tool:

It looks awesome, however I am a beginner in tweaking games, and in all honesty I hate to do it, specially when, like in this case, it requires time.
So I wish to ask the most experienced of you:
- Is this tool of any risk for my installation or saves? (I'm not able to re-install the game right now, and my savegame is not fresh)
- I haven't mods currently, but will it give me any compatibility issues when I'll start adding them?

I've also read someone use this tool to optimize HD textures with a small quality sacrifice, making them light enough for slower machines too, so the following doubts have arised in my mind:
- Is it risky to tweak mod's textures?
- Will I become "dependent" from this tool, and tweak every mod in order to make it work with the other tweaked files?
- Will these changes make uncompatible other mods?

And finally:
- Which HD textures pack do you advice me IF I decide to go on?
- Do you even advice me to go on?

Thanks for your opinions and your help, I really need it!
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"Ace Voyage" KRELUS Feb 17, 2014 @ 10:21am 
i use this tool aswell: iot does NOT conflict save games or installation.

Here is a link with info about the texture optimizer:
it contains the info you need.
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LadySky89 Feb 17, 2014 @ 10:26am 
I've read those already in his official webpage, in nexus.
It only partially answers to the first question (since installation may change in a long term, as soon as I start adding mods), while it doesn't satisfy my other questions, which can only be satisfied by somebody's experience...

And that's the reason I posted them here in detail.
Do you use mods in your skyrim?
Did you use the tool to optimize some texture mod?
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