[NNR]TCO PICKLEMAN 16. helmi, 2014 20.00
Just curious who's played Daggerfall.
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Incunabulum 16. helmi, 2014 20.08 
I have.
Two Bears 16. helmi, 2014 20.32 
Me too.
Dadeiclord25 16. helmi, 2014 20.35 
same here
Jela'n 16. helmi, 2014 20.40 
Yes, many years ago.
EstoyBorracho 16. helmi, 2014 20.48 
It's free on elderscrolls.com
Rancid Guacamole 16. helmi, 2014 21.40 
I gave it a shot. The controls and interface are just bad. They're not dated. They're bad. I played through Albion, which was released a year before Daggerfall, and its controls and interface are fine.
Hellbishop 16. helmi, 2014 21.46 
I have since it came out way back in the 1990s and I still play it at least three times a month. Fantastic rpg which feels like a fantasy simulator. When Bethesda created it they must have gotten scared that it might be the perfect rpg and started putting flaws in all their future releases :D

Graphics are dated but it all comes together to form a water painting elegance alongside the unparalled game mechanics and atmosphere. Music is also a rare treat.
Wolven One 16. helmi, 2014 23.04 
I played Daggerfall but its been quite a long time.
CHEEKI BREEKI 16. helmi, 2014 23.44 
Jela'n lähetti viestin:
Yes, many years ago.
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