lkinglDeadlyrockstar12(WSST) 2月16日 15時38分
game crashin
ever since i tried downloading beautiful folllowers mod from nexus skyrim keeps crashing when its in the menu i deactivate it and it still crashes im afraid to uninstall because ive been trying to get mods from nexus what can i do that doesnt involve uninstalling
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Incunabulum 2月16日 16時43分 
Check to ensure that the mod has all the required dependencies. Many of these 'beautiful' mods require *other* mods to run.

Run BOSS to sort out your load order.
lkinglDeadlyrockstar12(WSST) 2月16日 17時48分 
lkinglDeadlyrockstar12(WSST) 2月17日 16時17分 
im never starting skyrim now
Mr. Crumpet rapt 2月17日 16時22分 
Dont Download Them from the Nexus, just download them from the Workshop, Still some Beautiful followers on there, and if you game keeps crashing just unistall all of the mods and re-install the game or its just the performance of your computer that it cant take in all the memory and crashes due to..... you get the message.
lkinglDeadlyrockstar12(WSST) 2月17日 16時50分 
im going to do that but if anyone has some other suggestion plz tell

lkinglDeadlyrockstar12(WSST) 2月19日 7時23分 
you mean the nexus mods or the workshop mods
lkinglDeadlyrockstar12(WSST) 2月19日 7時45分 
great.. . --_--
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