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Saved Files
I was looking at another discussion saying " yes if you have steam cloud enabled, than u will still have your saved files when u delete it and reinstall it." So to clarify, Say i deleted skyrim. Steam takes the files and puts them into steam cloud so i wont have to restart EVERYTHING? or what happens because i am confused.
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Just write in DETAILED sentences or paragraphs, please. i dont wanta have to keep asking questions.
Ok say for example you get a really nasty virus on your Drive or your Drive breaks and you lose the games, as soon as you get a new drive and download skyrim steam cloud will sync with the game and you can access all your saves from your game!
Steam cloud basically copies your saves to your online account so they are always there even after you un-install your game, so you'll never have to start from scratch though there is a limit to how much can be saved in the particular games Cloud save but if you only use a few save games you'll be fine.
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So, if i delete it right now, ill still have the saves somewere?
Ok stop right there cloud saves are for back-up purposes or if your using a different computer although i believe you'll still have the saves on the cloud I don't recommend trying it especially if your deleting files from your actual game folder. you can un-install the game though and still have the saves ok I just read that your saves will always be on steam cloud even if you delete the game folder from the computer.
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Ok.............im gonna get back to the basic question and ANSWER THIS ONE WITH A BASIC ANSWER. "if i delete my game right now, WILL I STILL HAVE THE GAME FILES even if i dont have the game installed."
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if your that worried about it just open your folder, slide the saves folder to desktop then uninstall/reinstall then open the folder again and slide/replace your exsisting save folder
Yes you will!
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Ok....Im going to yolo it and test this theory
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But have u tested it and made 100% sure its true.
yeah my HDD had to be wiped due to a ransomware virus and i lost all game files except for the save files and the cloud saves.
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Originally posted by Holy Roman Emperor Witch King:
In other words yes I have tested it, of course not the way i wanted to but it worked and I'm happy.
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okie dokie
Did that answer your question? I hope so or at the very least i hope it helped.
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