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FancyFace10 Feb 13, 2014 @ 9:56am
Give Item to NPC? (Creation Kit code problem)
Ok, so I have the quest laid out and everything, but there's a small problem;

I have a player-home-mod almost ready for publishing and I'm using an NPC to sell the house to the player, for 10 000 gold in return for a key, but when I give the gold to the NPC in-game, It only removes 1 gold, instead of 10 000. By pickpocketing, I'm able to see he has the 1 gold in his inventory. And I (The player) gets the key. This is the code I'm using, and thats not working;

Alias_NPC.GetReference().RemoveItem(Alias_key.GetReference(), 1, False, Game.GetPlayer())

Game.GetPlayer().RemoveItem(Alias_gold.GetReference(), 10000, False, Alias_NPC.GetRef())

Debug.notification("Key to ****** Added")

NPC = The npc to give the key to, and the NPC that takes the gold (ID: Custom)
key = The key to the house (ID: Custom)
gold = The gold to give (ID: Gold001)

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