moo Feb 13 @ 8:23am
is fun to play mage?
hello! i just recently started to play skyrim, also never before played elder scrolls games. so i started with high elf mage, but now the further iam going the more i feel that iam missing out something. i give some 2handed weapon to my companion and she just wrecks everything with few hits where for me it takes much longer time to kill with spells. also i keep finding some interesting weapons with special effects but since iam mage i dont really need them
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Rhuto Feb 13 @ 8:41am 
In vanilla Skyrim mages have a hard time, if you only will relate on Destruction spell.

Might I suggest then that you also use the other spell trees, because that will both protect you and might stun the opponent...I would also go for a bit in calling forth either animals or Astronachs......even calling a sword will help both in killing and weight management.
Dryden Feb 13 @ 8:58am 
Vanilla destruction magic is rather weak and utterly useless once you reach level 70 or something.
IYG.TriggerHappy Feb 13 @ 9:07am 
try to get all alternation & destruction trees ul need them
get ilusion spells if ur having a hard time dealing with crowded enemies
matthewameluxen Feb 13 @ 9:15am 
Are you guys simply talking in comparison to other options? (1h + max enchants/sneak, etc)

'Cause mana-free destro spells are more than enough on anything master dfificulty and below.

If you insist on legendary difficulty, then yeah, desto is going to be rough. But just lower the difficulty and have fun blasting everything apart.
][G][ The Cure Feb 13 @ 9:26am 
Yeah, Destro scaling is horrid, especially since NPC and enemy destro damage level does scale.

There's a simple fix for this though. Player.modav destructionpowermod X. X being how more damage you want it to do. I think 100 is 2x as powerful, etc.
Incunabulum Feb 13 @ 9:46am 
Frenzy is a good spell - get everyone fighting each other and then jump in and finish off the weak ones.
Brandybuck Feb 13 @ 9:47am 
Originally posted by moo:
... it takes much longer time to kill with spells...
That's your problem right there! You can be a "glass cannon" if you want, but that's not the mage's strength. As a spellcaster your goal is to NEVER get into a head-to-head confrontation with the enemy. You are not a warrior so don't act llike one. The key drawback to magic is that you NEED the perks to get the most of your spells.

Alteration: Mostly supplemental magic, so not a school you want to be your primary. However the armor spells are a necessity for all mages. The Atronach and Magic Resistance perks are useful no matter what style of mage you play.

Conjuration: Instant tank to distract your foes. Your summons will never be as tough as regular followers, but they do provide a distraction so you can lob spells from a distance (or just run away). Bound weapons are also useful if you really do want a weapon. The Bound Bow with the Mystic Binding perk is the best unenchanted bow in the game.

Destruction: If you want to deal direct damage, this school is it. But learn the spells and use them to their strengths. Rune spells do a LOT of damage for their cost, and can be more effective than bolts in a lot of instances. Wall spells can seriously cripple enemies. But in my opinion it's most useful for mopping up AFTER the main fight is over. On the other hand, with the Impact perk you can "stun lock" just about any enemy. Don't listen to Dryden, you can't kill the bosses as fast as with a legendary enchanted sword, but you can kill them quickly enough that it doesn't matter.

Illusion: The single most powerful school of magic in my opinion. It almost overbalances the game. It does require a lot of perks to be usable, but once you get those perks EVERYONE is vulnerable except dragons and a small handful of named bosses. If you're a sneaky sort, Muffle and Invisibility will be your bread and butter. Frenzy will wipe out whole tribes of bandits. Get everyone to fight each other, then all you have to deal with is the the lone survivor who's injured and bleeding. Fear and Calm gets you out of fights, or lets you avoid them entirely. Don't forget the Silent Casting perk!

Restoration: Probably not your primary focus, but should be everyone's secondary. Heal yourself and your allies. You can also turn undead, which while not as effective as Illusion spells, are quite handy when faced with hordes of low level skeletons and draugr. Ward spells are very handy, but they suck up a lot of magicka, so you'll need to get the magicka costs down. Necromage and Recovery perks are handy for any mage.

Enchanting: Don't forget your enchanting! It's not a school of magic, but it's to mages what Smithing is to warriors. With the right perks you can get your magicka costs for one or two schools of magic down to ZERO! If you really do want to play Blasto the Destruction Mage, then you'll need to enchant a suit of zero magicka cost gear.

Alchemy: Don't forget this either. You'll be able to make potions extend the duration of your spells and make them hit harder. Plus the ever handy bottles of magicka you'll be consuming like they were soda pop.

One last point, on the Master level spells. A lot of people say they are useless, but that's not true. They do take several seconds to cast though, so you don't want to be casting them while someone is wailing on you. But with a bit of invisibility you can sneak into the middle of a group and set them off to great effect. It's a great opening move.
][G][ The Cure Feb 13 @ 9:52am 
Originally posted by Brandybuck:
Originally posted by moo:
... it takes much longer time to kill with spells...
You can be a "glass cannon" if you want, but that's not the mage's strength.
Pfft, yes it is. Mages are high risk, high reward, damage dealers. They were in every other TES except Skyrim, since we lack spell creation and destruction scaling. Fact is, destruction doesn't scale like it should and never has. Your whole post is moot once you realize enemy destruction spells do scale, so while you're archmage and your ice spears are not doing much of anything, some lowly hedgewizard is out there casting ice spears that can one hit people.

Mods and console commands however fix Bethesda's horrid magic/level balance.
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matthewameluxen Feb 13 @ 10:10am 
The difference is the player can combine 85 magic resist and 85 cold resist. Enemies don't.
][G][ The Cure Feb 13 @ 10:12am 
Originally posted by matthewameluxen:
The difference is the player can combine 85 magic resist and 85 cold resist. Enemies don't.
Which has nothing to do with damage dealing. A problem no other ES had when it came to destruction. Fact is, destruction magic for being what it is, is weak both from a gameplay and lore persepective. This has been known since release.
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matthewameluxen Feb 13 @ 10:18am 
And has everything to do with that lowly wizard one-shotting you.

And destro is just fine with the vanilla released difficulties. But I suppose we live in an age of gaming where if you can't make it work, make the devs change it! (or mods)

Seriously, I'm wondering if I even play the same game as you folks. Dragons die before they even get a chance to land. Even without the stagger perk, there isn't much that can even reach my character before dying.

Which is why I asked if you folk are simply comparing it to other combinations. No, it doesn't 1-shot legendary dragons with a sneak attack. I suppose if you need to mod the game to do so, that is your own choice.
][G][ The Cure Feb 13 @ 10:20am 
No, it's not. Learn more about the ES before attempting to relpy again.

Destruction magic is a joke at higher levels and at higher difficulties, when it shouldn't be. It should be the most powerful damage dealing skill in the game (like it always was). Your hyperbole doesn't help your lack of an argument, either.

Nor do you need mods. A simple console command will make destruction magic lore and gameplay appropriate. Making a destruction only, or destruction based character viable and more realistic in terms of the universe the games are set in.

Sorry, but nobody is going to change the fact that was known since release, that destro is underpowered.
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matthewameluxen Feb 13 @ 10:28am 
Lol... bandwagon isn't helping yours.

I have access to the same info you do.

Most enemies have 500 health or less, which means 3 second kills on adept. 6 seconds on master. A few higher scaling enemies have a bit over 1k health. Rare encounters and with stagger perk the only concern is kill time. If 12-15 seconds is too long on the occasional encounter, then yes, you are correct. Destro damage is low. I don't think that is too long.

Unfortunately you cannot argue against the numbers. You can only argue your subjective preference, which is faster kills than what the game offers.
][G][ The Cure Feb 13 @ 10:30am 
The numbers back me. Plenty of charts have been made showing that destruction doesn't scale and keep up like the others. Again, you're not going to change what has been known since release.

Destro is a joke in Skyrim compared to every other ES destro skill, fact.
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matthewameluxen Feb 13 @ 10:32am 
Sigh, drop the bandwagon.

I've never claimed destro numbers don't match other combat styles. In fact my first response alluded to such.

Again, destro is fine for getting through the game on master and below with comfortable pacing. No, it won't match maxed smithing, enchanting, sneak attacks. No, I never claim it did.
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