RameenGhajar Feb 12 @ 7:17pm
House of Horrors
Is there anyway to save vigilant tyranus or do i have to kill him?
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Once you go in, you have to kill him. If you abstain, he will go beserk and attack you anyway.
gnewna Feb 13 @ 12:46am 
Yeah, only hope for the guy is to smile, nod, and hurry past whenever he tries to speak to you (I usually walk on the other side of the stream that runs down the street so he can't force-greet me...)
di eshor ribly Feb 13 @ 12:58am 
I'd kinda feel bad for him, since he's such a pushover... but this dovahkiin shows mercy to no one! Honestly I think I've killed him a few dozen times over the course of my Skyrim playthroughs, it stops buggin you after a while.
gnewna Feb 13 @ 1:37am 
I've done it a couple of times (currently playing as a vampire, so I snuck behind him when he started getting aggro and fed off him a couple of times, boosting my BV rank a little) but I'm not that impressed by the reward, if I'm honest - though this character will be going back to the Reach and finding that pesky priest, seeing as Vampire Lords are supposed to be all "Team Molag Bal" and whatnot. Just got to sabotage a meadery, visit some Dwemer ruins, check out a weird cave, destroy the Dark Brotherhood and find my way out of the Soul Cairn first (not necessarily in that order...)
Incunabulum Feb 13 @ 6:37am 
Without a mod, you have to kill him or leave him trapped, to die a horrible death from dehydration.
RameenGhajar Feb 13 @ 6:21pm 
Ya, i like the vigilant thou, but at least i know there is no other way.
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