Hinder Feb 12 @ 5:39pm
What do you think of the game with mods and this game without? Is it better for worse for you guys? I've played on both platforms, I like handling of xbox controller better but pc is better for me.
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wowszer Feb 12 @ 6:35pm 
What do you want from the mods? Do you want to keep from dying in every second battle, by epuipping yourself with powerful weapons, armor, better skills. Or make the game more real with immersive weather etc? Or make the cities etc look like parks? Or make your followers look, act more real? whatever you do, go slow. Get a couple of mods, smaller ones, read before installing. Play a few hours, before installing any more. And get and use Boss, run the program to sort your mod order. Half of the posts are about CTDs and the causes all relate to the mods, and mod order. Also read the stickies at the top of the first page of the topics
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Incunabulum Feb 13 @ 6:44am 
Its a butt-ton better *with* mods. Decentish game without (no Morrowind by any means).

Mods have allowed the community to overcome the (mechanical) weaknesses of the original release. Not that its a bad game, but the devs only hase so much money and time to work on it before it *has* to go out the door and start bringing in money.

I just wish they made the rest of the stuff from the Game Jam available to the community for modders to work on.
butterfingers800 Feb 13 @ 7:00am 
I would never get a bethesda game for consoles, the mod community is the best part
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