LtAldoRainex Feb 12 @ 9:28am
Oblivion Walker Achievement?
I haven't found anything about this; but can anyone help me on getting the achievement? For some reason, I have all 15 daedric artifacts, yet I have not gotten the achievement?
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TheNovemberMan Feb 12 @ 9:54am 
you need to take advance of the glitch with '' III Met By Moonlight'' agree with Hircine to kill the werewolf, go into the cave where the werewolf will talk to you, and agree with the werewolf to help him to kill the other hunters, be sure not to hit the werewolf with your weapons, just move on to the next hunter and kill them all. After the hunters are dead, talk to the werewolf again and this will complete the quest. NOW kill the werewolf, BUT DO NOT SKIN HIM YET, go outside and talk to Hircine and he will give you the ring, now go back inside and skin the werewolf and Hircine will show up again and give you the Saviors hide. EDIT: just tried to get both the hide and the ring but it didn't work, but if YOU do not have the UNOFFICAL SKYRIM patch it will work for you, unless the 1.9 update to SKYRIM fixed it
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MageThis Feb 12 @ 9:58am 
SPOILER ALERT... ooops too late.
TheNovemberMan Feb 12 @ 10:06am 
sorry about the spoiler
TheNovemberMan Feb 12 @ 11:49am 
Just Confrimed, it the Unoffical skyrim patch that fixes the glitch. So if you are running the patch you WILL NOT get both, just uncheck the unoffical skyrim patch and go get both the ring and the hide, and then you will get the Achievement
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