corrie.m.beal Feb 11 @ 10:17pm
Mouse issues...
so basically i just downloaded skyrim and falloutout new vegas and for some reason everytime i click my mouse it moves down or to the pissoff because when i go to attack something it quickly moeves and i have to recenter the mouse...any ideas?
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Migz - DH Feb 11 @ 10:19pm 
Do you have a controller, gamepad, or some other sort of pointing device installed on your system?

If you do, disconnect/disable it.

If not, I'm sorry, but I don't have any other advice for you.
Lucky Feb 12 @ 12:55am 
What kind of mouse are you using wired or wireless?. Cause if it's a wireless it might mean your batteries are dying, i've had simular issues.
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Incunabulum Feb 12 @ 4:44am 
Double check that the mouse itself isn't moving when you click. Depending on the surface its on and how its designed, when you click you can move a mouse a fair distance without realizing that you've done so.
corrie.m.beal Feb 12 @ 8:23am 
changed all of the above. new batteries and made sure mouse wasnt moving. whenever i click the buttons its as if the camera is snapping down or right. no other ways lol also i tried using two other mice. still same issue. two wired other one wireless.*
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MageThis Feb 12 @ 8:27am 
Are you running some software in the background which sets/controls your mouse. Check what is loading on boot. Msconfig would give you the basics. Just for fun I'd also switch it to a different usb port and check the device manager for a pooched driver.
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corrie.m.beal Feb 12 @ 10:44pm 
Tried messing with buttong config of the mouse, changing usb ports and even read through the mouse maual to see if there were other ways and or config options i may have been overlooking. also i have tried another mouse so i really beleive this is a software issue. i also dl skyrim with skku or w.e, same issue occurs.
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