MysticMyah Feb 11, 2014 @ 1:49pm
Problems: Season Unending - Battle for WhiteRun
Ok first off I have Skyrim for each console and now computer. And have never ran in to this issue and I think it might be my fault. The question I have is..I have started the( Message and battle for white run ) in this game but didnt in the console ones. So Season Unending will not let me talk to Ulfric OR Tullius to make the peace treaty they both have the quest coursers above thier heads but not dialect as to meeting with the Greybeards. Do I now need to finish Battle For Whiterun? I really wanted to avoid that quest until I figured out the Season Unending. Any help would be awesomesauce! Thanks.
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wowszer Feb 11, 2014 @ 2:44pm 
You have to get the Jarls aid to catch a dragon in Whiterun, and he won't do that with the threat of war looming. You have to talk to the greybeards to get the quest to start, seems like you have done that, then you talk to them a bit then after the dialogue about joining their side is over the option to hold a peace meeting will pop up. The second meeting is easier as you can say the other side has agreeed. Note: the peace meeting seems as long as the meeting with Parthanux at the Throat of the World. Or you can finish the civil war quest (long) and there will be no problem with the Jarl.
MysticMyah Feb 11, 2014 @ 4:06pm 
Ok so it is alright if i go ahead with Battle at Whiterun, and it shouldnt affect the Season Unending quest line? I have tried to talk to each of the jarls, and yes i had done all the previous ( todos ) and listened to the context they had but to no avail.Nothing along the lines of meeting with the greybeards comes up. I have done these quests about 4 other times on my concoles as I mentioned, the only differnt thing I have done is choose a side and started the quest line for stormcloaks..... I guess I can try and see. Even if I need to go back to a pervious save. GAG Thank you 8)~
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