MosKites!!! Feb 11 @ 12:06pm
[Bug] Jarl of Falkreath don't react.
I comleted main story quest. I did't complete Civil War quest. I choose to go at the Falkreath to buy land for the house, but Jarl don't react. When i trying to speak with him, he say just "Yes?", and no dialog option. All 3 Unofficial pathes are installed. Whats the problem?
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SOAP Feb 11 @ 12:23pm 
This may not be help but there should be a console command to make him tak i had the same problem so if you look up the glitch somebody should have the answer for it with the console command
Trigger Feb 11 @ 12:24pm 
are your patchs in the right order, try making a save, then load that save then talk to the jarl again
MosKites!!! Feb 11 @ 12:27pm 
Problem it is that swich off those patches, but problem is not fixed.
MosKites!!! Feb 11 @ 12:27pm 
Can you tell me the commands?
Trigger Feb 11 @ 1:02pm 
look in your Skyrim data file-2 down from play. The top of your load order should look like this: Unoffical Skyrim patch, then Dawnguard.esm, then Unoffical Dawnguard patch, then Hearthfires.esm, Unoffical Hearthfires patch, then Dragonborn.esm, then Unoffical Dragonborn patch
MosKites!!! Feb 11 @ 1:18pm 
I was switch off all those patches, but problem is still problem.
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