KrisszBoss t(._.t) 2014年2月11日上午10:20
I dont know what to do anymore!
I want to play this game soooo bad but whenever i play i get bored realy fast because there is nothing left to do! I've completed the main story, did all the factions,got all daedric items and dragon priest masks,got my full set of daedric armor with the best enchatments. Is there anythink left to do in the game?
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Cool Miku 2014年2月11日上午10:21 
kill em all
BroStalker 2014年2月11日上午10:22 
try to get every achievement?
KrisszBoss t(._.t) 2014年2月11日上午10:27 
引用自 NightCore
kill em all
nice idea lol
KrisszBoss t(._.t) 2014年2月11日上午10:27 
引用自 BroStalker
try to get every achievement?
not a bad idea, thanks
BloodVirus 2014年2月11日上午10:28 
remake a new character completly different than your current one and put in skill tree mods to change stuff p and make stuff harder
toxicantsole 2014年2月11日上午10:29 
Get a bunch of mods (especially quest mods) start a new character and set yourself a challenge (ie. don't use magic or never use smithing or alchemy)
KrisszBoss t(._.t) 2014年2月11日上午10:33 
thanks guys will be doing that!
ARmodder 2014年2月11日上午11:02 
You don't mention that you have done any exploring! There are a lot of neat places that are not featured in any quests that you can find and explore, in fact if your a straight forward point A to point B type of player when it comes to quests then you have seen only about 25% of the places in Skyrim. Plus there are about half a dozen mods that add new worlds such as Elsweyr and others to the Skyrim universe in fact Moonpath to Elsweyr adds a huge fully detailed world complete with a story and questline essentially making it a game in and of itself!
Zaeex 2014年2月11日上午11:06 
Make a new character and only play on the hardest difficulty. That's what I do
KrisszBoss t(._.t) 2014年2月11日上午11:06 
soo many mods to download :O :D
Trigger 2014年2月11日上午11:09 
Start a new game and switch diffiulty up to LEGENDARY
DwemerManiac 2014年2月11日上午11:23 
Try o struggle with modding- it's really addicting and gives more pleasure and takes more, more than playing, especially next and next time
graff4rise 2014年2月11日下午12:31 
press esc and clock quests then go down to the botom of the quests and select one of the missalanious
Brandybuck 2014年2月11日下午12:33 
引用自 Krisszboss1
Is there anythink left to do in the game?
Play it again as a completely different kind of character. Install some game changing mods like Frostfall. Don't fast travel, don't use followers, etc, etc.
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