DarkPhoton Feb 10 @ 1:20pm
Stuck Outside Door in College of Winterhold Quest: Under Saarthal
After you get locked inside the gate when you take the amulet, your college teacherr (forgot his name) tells you to wear amulet and use a spell. Use the spell and get through the wall, meet the vision. Then after that you will follow the college teacher to a large room where draugr come out and kill u, you defeat them and the teacher leaves and there are two chains to pull and a door behind. I can't activate / see a prompt on this door no matter what I do.

Loading / reverting to another save wont help. And nothing else is wrong with my game, only mods are the unofficial skyrim patches.
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DarkPhoton Feb 10 @ 1:20pm 
Btw I think the door is the one that leads to Saarthal proper from Saarthal Excavation.
El Presidente Miku Feb 10 @ 1:44pm 
try clicking on it while the console is open and use the
DarkPhoton Feb 10 @ 2:36pm 
whats the activate command?
DarkPhoton Feb 10 @ 2:46pm 
Ok i tried the acctivate command and it still doesn't work. With other characters it works just not with this one.... and all cahracters have same mods (the unoffocial patches) of course so don't know whats the problem here.
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