SketchSlayer Feb 10 @ 11:06am
Listed damage values
Well a couple of ranged weapons show curiously low damage value when I have my achery gear on which I just realized was due to the gear all having large archery enchantments and the base damage of the weapons without any boost being rather high due to my smithing and them being a dragonbone bow and daedric crossbow (believe the crossbow if not both are mod added) and the armor pushing the value into quad digits so I'm just wondering if things pushed that far are as effective as they should be rather than being drained due to slightly over powered range gear.

Figure they would do as much as they should but working it out through testing would be a massive pain since I'm a stealth character and have no idea the hp values of any enemies when they generally all die in a single hit from the multiplier+good bolts/arrows
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The Rock God Feb 10 @ 11:51am 
Look down at the bottom of the screen, not just the box over the picture. THe box is limited to three digits for some reason. I had the same thing with a warhammer that showed something like 100 damage. Looking down I realised it was a truncated 1100.
SketchSlayer Feb 11 @ 3:50am 
You're right, kinda strange that capped at 999 guess devs didn't expect op bosses and gear in mods or some such
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