The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Help on quest? (Bug wise)
On the Waking Nightmare quest, I try to make Eranbur follow me but he will not move. I tired ressurecting and restarting the quest but nothing. Is there some sort of patch for this or a fix?
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Sometimes Erandur will not lead you to the temple, and will stand in place at the inn.

Using Unrelenting Force on him may cause him to act normally and start walking.
Simply sprinting and bumping into him will sometimes make him move as well, especially if he is stuck next to the bar.
Use the command prid 24280, followed by moveto player when just outside the temple to move him directly to the entrance of the temple.
Me personally, I would either sprint at him and ram him, or simply knock him with a bit of Fus Ro Dah.. If that doesn't work, simply walk outside... Most NPCs that are meant to be a follower type will always spawn next to you upon entering a different area. Like going from inside the Inn to the outside. Or going from outside (Skyrim), into the temple itself... Maybe, if you are stuck with him standing in the Inn, simply walk outside and see if he'll be there when you're out, and if you're outside, just head up to the temple and go in.

I think that I had a similar issue when I did that quest. Because after he went outside, he just kept running back and forth and wouldn't go anywhere... Like he couldn't decide which way to do. I just walked up toward the temple and once I got close he started following and eventually got up there.
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