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dropping items
okay, I just started playing, and have been picking up everything I find in hopes of selling it. Well now I am way overweight and need to drop the useless things like baskets and cooking pots. The inventory states r drops an item. I make sure to select the item my scrolling down to it, then I type r and nothing happens. I've tried capital and lower case using caps locks and shift key. I've tried shift+r alt+r ctrl+r all of those but nothing. I have no mods on the game. What am I doing wrong?
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Rhuto Feb 9, 2014 @ 5:35am 
Always be sure you are in a place where there are open spot around you. The game control that there is enough space....
That might be one of the reasons it dont work.

You might also select the item, drag it outside of inv and will also then be told if you don't have enough space to do it.

I might remember wrong....but when you drop from inventory...hold down left "shift" and left click on the item you will drop.
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none of that is working. I've even tried pressing c and then trying to type r or physically drag the weapon. Right or Left shift do not make me do anything with an item besides equip it if I hold one of those down and left click. there is definitely open space around me, and I've tried to do it in multiple places.

how do I select the item and then drag it outside my inv? Click with the mouse just makes me equip it. Or says I can't equip it if it is a non weapon/armor item.
gnewna Feb 9, 2014 @ 6:43am 
If you can find a container that you can 'activate' (by pressing the E key - usually says 'search' or 'steal from') then you can stash infinite items in there - there are often barrels in towns/villages or chests in houses/dungeons. If it's marked as 'steal from', it's still okay to put things in it (so long as they are rubbish you definitely won't want back). Be careful if they are things you might want back, even with 'search' because a) some containers respawn, meaning after a certain number of in-game days they lose all their contents and go back to having whatever was in there to begin with, and b) if you put valuable items in a friend's chest/wardrobe, they may be marked as 'stolen' when you take them out, even though they were yours to begin with. This will mean you can't sell them to most shops without investing a lot of perks in speech, and will also mean if you're arrested for ANYTHING with them in your possession they will be confiscated.
nvm, I changed the keybindings, and when I checked them it didn't list that one so I couldn't figure out what else it might be. Figured it out though, it was end hehe, sucks being left-handed sometimes

However that's some useful info, thanks gnewa
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