xxExtracticalxxGamerxx Feb 8 @ 7:45pm
on skyrim im trying to spawn npc but it says COULD NOT PHRASE THIS LINE and when i put in TFC nothing happens but the only command that works is TGM if any one can help me post a comment PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
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bobczes Feb 8 @ 7:55pm 
player.placeatme 000fea9b. Using this code will instantly summon an instance of an object or NPC at your position. The above example summons a dragon. Not recommended for named NPCs. This code uses the Object (base) ID and not specific reference ID as it is creating a new instance of that object/actor in the world; using it with named NPCs can result in duplicates unless the original was somehow removed.


Are you using the base ID or the ref ID?

And are you typing tfc then enter ?
xxExtracticalxxGamerxx Feb 8 @ 8:30pm 
yes i do
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