The King Possum Feb 7 @ 2:24pm
skyrim launcher fails and closes error message
as of the last day or so I have been getting a skyrim launcher failing error message. this never use to happen. anyone else get this? anyone know how to fix this? the game still works and all but I just don't understand where this is coming from. I have no mods right now.
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grimus Feb 7 @ 5:37pm 
it would help if you quoted the error message so we don't have to guess.

Steam Help Pages: (blue text within the linked pages will lead to additional help/information when clicked on.)

prepare to launch

info for new users

specific error messages

missing executable

incomplete installation error codes 2,3,10,16,20,35,53,56

game failed to start error code 51

Trouble Shooting Game Crashes:

error code 80
exit/restart steam or restart computer

driver stopped working and has recovered:
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The King Possum Feb 7 @ 7:11pm 
it is the skyrim launcher only. the game still works. it still launches but I receive a message that the launcher fails and it closes. there is no error code involved. it looks to be specifically to skyrim only.
The King Possum Feb 7 @ 7:11pm 
also thank you for taking the time, Grimus.
The King Possum Feb 10 @ 2:54pm 
it has fixed it's self or an update to the game and or steam fixed it.
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