The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Josh 2014年2月4日上午12:34
dont bother getting the high texture pack
Its all bull anyway... there is no difference between that texture pack and high textures from ingame...
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Ilja 2014年2月4日上午12:54 
It comes to you with LE anyway. You don't have to keep it enabled though.

I did see a good difference between HD and standard texture. It was not as visible than standard HD and 2K Textures, but it was there.
tinywars 2014年2月4日上午12:58 
Have to disagree. I saw a huge difference straight away.
perico2palotes 2014年2月4日上午2:29 
Difference was impressive in my case.
★Kelvy★ 2014年2月4日上午2:44 
Josh I agree with the other it does make a difference
Migz - DH 2014年2月4日上午5:20 
Definitely a difference on my system in both visual appeal and performance when switching between the default high resolution textures and the High Resolution Pack textures.

This is primarily observed on clothing, doors, and other objects.

Actor faces seem to be about the same.
Zenith 2014年2月4日上午6:36 
There's definitely a difference. It's taken the game from half-baked rushed console port, to something more worthy of a PC release. I can only assume that the OP is running on settings which negate those differences.
Josh 2014年2月4日上午6:37 
im on default high
Zefram Cochrane 2014年2月4日上午6:45 
If you're talking about the official HD pack then I agree with you, if you're talking 'bout the unofficial HD packs, no way...
Josh 2014年2月4日上午7:20 
oh i was talking about the official
Ikagun 2014年2月4日上午7:24 
Took me like 2 days to download it, and then I couldn't even use it
♥ Barney ♥ 2014年2月4日上午7:44 
i noticed the difference straight away. Not so much textures as i have everything set to Ultra but the colours of Whiterun appeared more vibrant and warm, before i remember them being cold and lacking colour.
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Sir Great 2014年2月4日上午7:44 
big difference for me too
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