sibig99 3. feb kl. 8:19pm
Imperial or Stormcloak?
State what side you fight for and the reason
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I Like BOOBS 3. feb kl. 8:22pm 
Imperial for order & justice, also i'd choose solitude over windhelm anyday :)
Sidst redigeret af I Like BOOBS; 3. feb kl. 8:23pm
BigTough™ RSB!!!! 3. feb kl. 8:24pm 
Solitude is way nicer of a city.. but order and justice is so lame.. There's no win/win.
Incunabulum 3. feb kl. 8:33pm 
Neither, sometimes either. Because I fight for truth, power, and my bank account getting larger.
SkullKing202 3. feb kl. 8:34pm 
id choose stormcloaks because no elves tells us what to do but the imperials also did keep them at bay by signing the peace treaty
Incunabulum 3. feb kl. 8:40pm 
Oprindeligt skrevet af LGL SkullKing202:
id choose stormcloaks because no elves tells us what to do but the imperials also did keep them at bay by signing the peace treaty

Yeah, at bay - the same way paying a bully off with your lunch money keeps him at bay.
SkullKing202 3. feb kl. 8:42pm 
well the stormcloaks are kind of like bullies i mean they only allow other races live in their city if they fight for them or support them but this is a human fight it doesnt involve other races
Mr.Shaggnificent 3. feb kl. 8:48pm 
Both and niether. i finally found a mod that lets me do the civil war with out all the dragon crap. i just started an imp named Soldier for the empire side. after i finish the war with that one, i'll make a nord named Rebel and go through the other side.
Rellik66 3. feb kl. 9:12pm 
Both suck in their own ways.

I don't expect the Stormcloaks to suddenly not be Xenophobic racists.

The real wildcard is what will the Imperials do with the Thalmor once the civil war and the Dragon attacks are resolved. If the Imperials have Skyrim under their control, will that give them enough resolve to kick the Thalmor back to Summerset? Who knows.
Sidst redigeret af Rellik66; 11. mar kl. 9:33pm
xCHEM1STx 3. feb kl. 9:28pm 
I have only played through the civil war once as Imperial but I am on my second playthrough now and am trying out the Stormcloaks. Imperial questline was ok but they do seem a little stuffy.
wazniak22 3. feb kl. 9:44pm 
Honestly I don't like either side - wish there was a side that united skyrim then restarted the "great war" - aside from the oxy♥♥♥♥♥ I think it would be more enjoyable then bowing down to elves... elves are worse then the french (smile).
supermegasupermega 3. feb kl. 10:26pm 
Yeah I don't really like either side but if I had to chose I would pick the Imperials I think. I will be doing both sides regardless.
Mr. Dave 3. feb kl. 11:41pm 
Stormcloaks all the way. Anything else is just xenophobic fascism. The empire is equal to Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito and Mao. The Stormcloaks are equal to Sitting Bull, Gandhi, Moses and Martin Luthor King.
Ilja 3. feb kl. 11:47pm 
Oprindeligt skrevet af Mr. Dave:
Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito and Mao.

Funny. That is exactly how I see Ulfric Stormcloak.
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats] 4. feb kl. 12:37am 
Oh not this crap again...
Ilja 4. feb kl. 12:51am 
Oprindeligt skrevet af KL Master Dan StormCats:
Oh not this crap again...
Yeah.... I apologize for feeding this and politely step away.
Sidst redigeret af Ilja; 4. feb kl. 12:51am
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