The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Skyrim crashes when I look at my map
Why? I have a decent computer that has 6 GB ram and quad speed etc. Running windows 8. Any suggestions as to how I can avoid this as it is very frustrating.
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What video card do you use? Do you have any mods?
hahaha this is for my mom and she has 94 mods.....I had her unclick half of them and seen the thing about running BOSS so trying to learn that. She got mad and went to bed hahaha... Video isn't the best....ummmm shoot don't know windows 8 too well, but I gave her my computer (less then a year old) and upgraded mine to hers isn't that good. Think it might be the card? So many variables so any help is...well helpful.
Well if you use BOSS it will check to see if any mods are in conflict with eachother.

Also if it is an issue with the video card I would recommand HiAlgoBoost, using this I was able to boost my fps from 10 out of combat and less in combat to 24 out of combat and an actual boost in combat.
ok Cool Anan...I will try both of those....last question....If I backup a cd...will it allow me to reinstall it if I make mistakes with BOSS? Do I NEED to use steams backup or can I use windows? Thanks ahead for all your help
I'm not sure about that one since I rarely back up, bad habit I know lol.
I spose you could just copy your entire skyrim folder and put the copy somewhere else for safe keeping.
Oh....that is a great me a dvd. haha I can make a Skyrim Temp folder and go from there. You know you really should back up as I am also a writer as well as a wannabe mod'er and always try to keep a backup since I have lost my system before and everything I wrote is now in ether land. Luckily I made hard copies and can re-write everything. Kinda sucks when your story is 67 pages long but better then starting from scratch :)
I'd back up my Skyrim but my poor lil hard drive can't hold much more :P
500 GBs and 174 games, space fills up fast.
lol...I guess so. Back up to dvd. U can get them for 5 for 5 dollars at Kmart....or buy 100 for 25 like I did and i can play frisbee with my brother and don't care if my mom snatches it out of the air and tells us to f**king behave and act like adults. I feel like a kid so oh well....
Got a terabyte hard drive so all is good in the digital world for me.
BTW, looking for a new game. Any suggestions? Something between Duke Nukem (too old and easy) to Dark Souls (way too hard). Love Skyrim and am modding since I got bored playing.
What genre are you looking for?
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