Jairi 1月25日 1時40分
Crash when walking into whiterun house
I have a problem but i was not able to solve it. since I own all the dlcs im not able to go into my house in whiterun (where i stored all my rare stuff >.<) I already tried to reinstall it und check the local data and steam says there is "one data that couln't....." ._. even after reinstalling. I already own some mods from the workshop like enhanced towns, unread books glow & light potions and the bethesda texture pack. Maybe you know something or had the same problem. It would be great if somebody helped me!
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[S.H.] Osiris Dragonia (AVP) 1月25日 1時58分 
that local data is your video graphic settings.
do you use boss and other tools for your mods?
bobczes 1月25日 7時48分 
When Hearthfire came out a lot of people started crashing when entering Breezehome. A thread was started . and we tried to sort the conflicts between the DLC and various mods. Look here and see if any of this information is relevent to your game set-up.

Jairi 1月25日 10時37分 
thank you *o*
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