Hey Daniel Jan 24 @ 3:49am
I need help.
So im in this mission where i should defeat alduin okay i took him down to the floor and i start hitting him i kept on hitting for 10mins 0 health went from his health is this a bug please respond
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Kelvy Jan 24 @ 3:53am 
Just stop hitting and he talks and flys off. If you are fighting him at throat of the world.
You can't kill him, just knock the stuffing out of him.
gggg336 Jan 24 @ 3:56am 
You need to use dragonrend on him to be able to do damage in the last quest.
Hey Daniel Jan 24 @ 4:03am 
It was actually a bug i restarted skyrim all worked well :)
☼Yuki Hyabusa☼ Jan 24 @ 4:07am 
Ok, if you are on the mission at the throat of the world there is a bug where alduin will be invincible if you nter any menus after returning from the past and learning the dragon rend shout. you MUST wait untill Alduin 'takes off' and parthuunax says 'use Dragonrend if you know it' Then you may enter your menu, Alduin will take damage as normal.
Showing 1-4 of 4 comments
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