JakeTheDog 1月23日下午9:25
[FIXED] Why is my snow blue?
So uh...this happened. http://i.imgur.com/zs3lH0S.jpg
I think it might have something to do with frostfall but I'm not sure. I also verified the integrity of my game cache but nothing happened. It doesn't happen everywhere but it started when frostfall said it began to snow and when I went into Windhelm.

Edit: Turns out it was a mod called "ENB Snow FX". I forgot I had it when I deleted my enb and after I deactivated it everything was fixed. Thanks for the help guys.

Edit 2: Can people not read this post? It's fixed, I don't need any more help. Stahp.
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Warlord 1月23日下午9:28 
JakeTheDog 1月23日下午9:34 
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...thanks for the help.
Dracoreaper7 1月23日下午9:42 
You should remove Frostfall and see if the problem persists. If it stops you should try reinstalling Frostfall again. If it persists check the FAQ/errors part of wherever you downloaded it from.
Warlord 1月23日下午9:42 
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...thanks for the help.

You're welcome.

Come again!
bobczes 1月23日下午9:47 
If it's not the mod check your graphics card drivers for the latest version.
Incunabulum 1月23日下午10:13 
Do you have any mods that retexture stuff lilke snow? That's not Frostfall - it doesn't change textures.
matthewameluxen 1月23日下午11:30 

(Oh c'mon, it is!)
timorekusa 1月24日上午12:29 
Nothing to do with Frostfall, as it is NOT a graphics mod.

Check what graphics/texture mods you've got active.

Do a BOSS run.
Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot 1月24日上午1:32 
Just be thankful it's not yellow!
ᵏᶤᵚᶤ‰ 1月24日上午1:34 
might be easier to mod in some new snow rather than try and figure out whats wrong with the current one, def a texture issue for sure
(Mob)☣Blue Tornado☣(¢λλ) 1月24日上午1:57 
idk it looks pretty cool to me
JakeTheDog 1月24日上午11:28 
引用自 ᵏᶤᵚᶤ‰
might be easier to mod in some new snow rather than try and figure out whats wrong with the current one, def a texture issue for sure
I'll probably just do that. I have so many mods that there's no way to figure out which one it is. Anyone have any suggestions?

idk it looks pretty cool to me
It's not. When you're in a snow storm you can't see anything and it really ruins immersion because you can see the snow pop in if you look up at all.

Edit: Nope. I got an hd snowflake mod and I still have the problem. I'm really confused about what's happening...

Edit 2: Wait, I found it. It's this mod that does something to snow when you have an enb enabled and I recently deleted my enb. Alright, it's fixed now.
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pike 1月24日上午11:49 
your missing textures ,or they are not rendering right , if it started after you installed frostfall then you probably have a conflict with another weather mod , or load order , adding mods to fix a broken mod is a bad idea, you will only compound your problem and or create stability issues , read the readme for frost fall and see if you need ann update or patch , and againn look for a conflict

Kelvy 1月24日下午3:23 
UFO not loaded correctly does this to clothing as well
CAP 1月24日下午5:33 
Elvis Presley, Blue Christmas. Elvis is alive and glitching Skyrim.
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