The Facestabber Jun 25 @ 8:23am
Alright chaps, I'm (yet again) going to rely on my beloved community to answer some of my questions (because you are just that great). Now, I am wondering IF I have to make a new save, or new game if you'd like in order for my workshop alterations to work!

Quick answers are always welcome!
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iPeer Jun 25 @ 8:25am 
Depends on the mod really. Some require a new save, most don't. The author should put it in the mod's description if it requires it.
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The Facestabber Jun 25 @ 8:25am 
But if it isn't mentioned, should I assume that I have to?
iPeer Jun 25 @ 8:26am 
If it isn't mentioned I'd assume that you don't require a new save.
FMRGhostRider Jun 25 @ 8:27am 
The Facestabber Jun 25 @ 8:27am 
Alright thanks a lot, mate!
mpd1958 Jun 25 @ 1:35pm 
Good rule is to ALWAYS make a new save before installing any new mod. Better Safe Than Sorry!!!
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