WanderingJarlPuncher Jun 19 @ 2:59pm
i just discovered my worst skyrim nightmare
i was recrafting my suit of elven, goldena rmor and elven pieces, when i realised i had to redo a new suit completly because my enchants were at 15% and i coudl do them at 27%...i NEVER was so scared to actually level up and gain a perk in my whole skyrim life
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MageThis Jun 19 @ 3:03pm 
Ah, news, 27% isn't max. Hope you can still sleep.
Bullwinkle Jun 19 @ 3:06pm 
Yeah, anytime you're about to do a major crafting session (alchemy enchanting or smithing) check before you do if you are about to level up. If so, stop and think!

I had a similar thing happen recently. I brewed a bunch of 40 point heal potions, which popped me a level which gave me the perk to brew 50 point heal potions. I felt like throwing out the whole batch of 40s, but I didn't have more ingredients to make 50s. I felt sick.
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WanderingJarlPuncher Jun 19 @ 3:45pm 
i know max is 49% exept if youre a vampire but im stil "at the start of the game" just burned kodlaks body and barely starting the war so i dont want to end up with 49% archery and 49% sneak everywhere im only level 27
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