greer85 Jun 17 @ 6:49am
Mods wont load
I got the elder scrolls anthology a while back and everytime i load up skyrim i never get a message saying that the mods sync up or whatever and they dont appear in the data files?
i tried talking to steam support but they didnt help at all, any advice?
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MikuCore Jun 17 @ 6:56am 
are you sure you subscribed to workshop mods? only these mods will sync, nexus mods wont
greer85 Jun 17 @ 7:02am 
yeah i subscribed to a few including the seratic armour and lord of the rings weapons. a snow texture mod worked in the past but i got rid of it cus it was crappy
MikuCore Jun 17 @ 7:07am 
make sure your skyrim folder is not set to read only and maybe you need to run skyrim and steam as admin
greer85 Jun 17 @ 7:14am 
took it off read only but now everytime i close the properties window it switches back to read only
TheNovemberMan Jun 17 @ 11:51am 
Are you using SKSE to launch your game
greer85 Jun 17 @ 11:54am 
No just launching it normally from steam
MikuCore Jun 17 @ 11:57am 
TheNovemberMan Jun 17 @ 12:00pm 
are you waiting long enough for steam to load-up your mods into your game
greer85 Jun 17 @ 12:21pm 
yeah, waited like 20 mins for one hair mod to load up
MageThis Jun 17 @ 12:34pm 
Do you have admin privilege on your system? If your changing the read-only status reverts, probably not. You might have to try running both Steam and Skyrim as admin, as Mikucore suggested.... you (OP) did not respond to that suggestion.
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greer85 Jun 18 @ 7:05am 
yeah im gonna try and delete everything except for the steamapps and user data first cus ive seen that pop up successfully alot :) thanks everyone for the help and such
Wunderlust Jun 20 @ 2:23pm 
I've been having the same problem recently. Out of the blue my mods wouldn't load. I reinstalled everything, I made sure I had full privileges and still nothing. The hell is going on?
[GC]BarbAlby96 Jun 21 @ 4:19am 
or it could be a wrong load order of the mods
Wunderlust Jun 21 @ 8:20pm 
Originally posted by BarbAlby96:
or it could be a wrong load order of the mods
They don't even load. It's emplty.
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