Tarago Jun 15 @ 4:37pm
Saadia tried to kill me
I did the In My Time of Need quest, I've done it a few times with various characters and always chose the outcome that is less favourable to Saadia. It happens and I leave her at the stables and wander off on my adventures.

When I'm next heading to Whiterun some game days later Saadia and Kematu are still there and she is suddenly entirely capable of action and proves this by leaping up, getting out a dagger and trying to kill me.

This has never happened before. I didn't know she could get fighty and especially not after the conclusion of the quest. She's not so fighty now because I cut her head off but up until that moment she was quite fierce. Has anyone else encoutered this?
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tombdiver Jun 15 @ 4:51pm 
Saadia is a liar and a con-artist so she had to go!
jaderive Jun 15 @ 5:41pm 
Even wiki say saadia will turn on you if you do stables option, me i prefer the double loot option i wait tilll he frezes her and pays me then kill kematu n fully loot, then saadia awakens kill her n loot her as well, because "in hammerfell they have curved swords, curved swords"
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