[Li'l B] Renji 2014年6月15日上午2:03
failed to download a subscribed mod steam error 16
plz help i want to make my skyrim look beautiful with a the landscape mods
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Ilja 2014年6月15日上午2:06 
Network timeout. Wait for a while and it should come back online.
[Li'l B] Renji 2014年6月15日上午2:07 
oh thank god i thought my files were messed up thanks man i was so worried :D
[Li'l B] Renji 2014年6月15日上午2:07 
how long do you think i will have to wait?
Ilja 2014年6月15日上午2:09 
Skyrim is within 10 most played games today:

Current amount of players: 21,471
Peak amount of players today: 34,457

My guess is, that Workshop is just under a stress and doesn't want to share extra data, before sress gives up.

Edit: http://store.steampowered.com/stats/
最后由 Ilja 编辑于; 2014年6月15日上午2:10
sergaly the sergal 2014年6月15日上午4:34 
Break the law on my watch, will ya? I'll be confiscating your stolen goods. Oh and no gold to pay your fine. hmm? It's off to the lockup then!
[Li'l B] Renji 2014年6月15日上午8:16 
Its still not working is anyone else having this probablem
[Li'l B] Renji 2014年6月15日上午8:22 
[Li'l B] Renji 2014年6月15日上午8:32 
FIXED IT I UPDATED STEAM i went into settings and did the beta update
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