Mr. Crumpet 2014年6月14日下午4:05
Anyone Else Heard This?
Throughout my whole playtime of skyrim(215 hours) I have never heard this peice of audio from a bandit before

Read Dialogue above!
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Mumbles 2014年6月14日下午4:14 
Many many many ... MANY times!
BelphegorATS 2014年6月14日下午4:32 
That's actually a common phrase bandits use, so forgive me for finding it hard to believe you did not hear it during the two hundred fifteen hours you've been playing Skyrim.
Skyrimnut 2014年6月14日下午4:34 
It's a song they sing. I kinda like it actually.
Eternie 2014年6月14日下午4:46 
Yep as stated above if you sneak into any bandit camp / ship but only whilst your sneaking and they don't know your there! Do more sneaking and you'll uncover more!

Get really good at sneaking and pickpocketing and you can steal the clothes from their back while their still chanting their little ditties!
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