kybigdaddy Jun 12 @ 12:36am
stuck on a platform after getting a new shout seem like no where to go.
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riffahlc175 Jun 12 @ 1:43am 
Not an easy place to navigate. Depends on which book you read to get there. In some cases, once you get there, you'll have to find other books; chapters, to go through to completion. You'll have to look around. There is a way, but without knowing which book you read, I can't help you further.
Eternie Jun 12 @ 5:04am 
as riffahlc175 said It is hard to find your way!
Do lots of saves for an area to progress you need to defeat the seekers and tendrals that spawn and then find the levers and the magic boosts in some areas you need to run out on moving walkways and jump to connecting platforms as they go past if you miss it you need to wait for it to reverse!
So search explore look for treasure and hidden tomes there are little secrets all around!
mainly have fun!
riffahlc175 Jun 12 @ 9:17pm 
You can re-read the book that originally took you there to go back to the location in Solstheim you were when you read it. Then try again.
kybigdaddy Jun 12 @ 10:12pm 
ok guys thanks a lot it's a done deal.
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