johnson1 Jun 11 @ 1:09pm
please help me
the dark brotherhood never gives the letter
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johnson1 Jun 11 @ 1:09pm 
i do the little boys mission then i spend hours doing missions but no currior
jonownsca Jun 11 @ 1:13pm 
Try sleeping somewhere. That'll usually cue it.
gnewna Jun 11 @ 1:15pm 
Originally posted by johnson1:
i do the little boys mission then i spend hours doing missions but no currior

Have you been back to tell him it's done and then, as jonownsca says, slept somewhere (an inn, your own home, a bandit camp, etc)?
johnson1 Jun 11 @ 1:42pm 
i went back but he only gave me his family hearloom
McQuire Jun 11 @ 1:53pm 
Yes, that's what the kid gives you. Now give it some time. Maybe go somewhere and sleep or wait a couple of days. The courier should show up in one of the cities or towns to give you the note. After that, go to sleep somewhere again for 2 to 4 hours to trigger the next stage.
johnson1 Jun 11 @ 3:57pm 
ive done all that but nothing
johnson1 Jun 11 @ 4:24pm 
i only use steam download mods so if you can recomend one of those
BloodFireIce Jun 11 @ 4:42pm 
Its not mods. Its links to pages that contain information on your problem.
1st is a wikia that lists common bugs.
2nd and 3rd are discussions and possible solutions to your problem.

I dont know what you have done or what mods you have that may make your problem appear, only you do.
So its better you try some reading.
johnson1 Jun 11 @ 8:05pm 
ok thanks for telling me all this i'll go looking on those pages
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