kingluke2222 Jun 7 @ 11:18am
Any Good Hair Mods?
Hey! Anybody know of some good hair mods? I'm trying to make a certain character with long ruffled hair and all the hair packs I've come across are either short or look super combed out and smooth. I'm trying to find more of a wild hair look. Thanks!
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El Presidente Miku Jun 7 @ 11:22am 
use the search function of this forum, there was a similiar thread a while ago, it was the same as this one.
there are quite a lot hair mod suggestions+links
Zefram Cochrane Jun 7 @ 11:32am 
Most hair looks smooth and slick because thats a limitation of the rendering engine, the more detail that exists more the work the engine has to do. It's only a DX9 game afterall.
when you download apachii there are different texture packs to be installed, i think one of them is a more wild texture
kingluke2222 Jun 7 @ 7:31pm 
Thanks guys. I'll take a look at apachii. I'm looking for more hair styles then different hair textures though. SG Hair Pack is the best I've seen for what I'm trying to go for.
Bite Jun 7 @ 8:38pm 
Maybe you'll like this one, it's basically more vanilla-like hairs, IMO Apachii makes everything too anime, slick, and smooth, like everyone bathes in shampoo on a daily basis.
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