HipsterRich Jun 6 @ 8:00pm
For those who want 40% off Elder Scroll Series
Yeah GameFly at the moment is selling Morrowind GOTY/Oblivion GOTY and Skyrim Legendary for £9.00 each game I might be wrong as I'm tired but it's defo 40% off of every title of it there. http://digital.gamefly.co.uk/#!/pc search your game and enjoy mate before it runs out :P.

For those who're new to this
GameFly is one of the sites you buy games cheaply, heck I got Dishonoured for sixty pence there(a dollar). Also basically to tell you that it's completly legit and everyone knows GameFly if you're new and scared you'll get scammed etc etc, requires pp or other payment method and you will get the key on that site on an acc or email far as I can recall, definetly one of the two. Enjoy! (obviously use the steam key to activate as product at the "ADD A GAME..." bottam left.
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BrandeX Jun 7 @ 4:07am 
Cheaper on GMG.
HipsterRich Jun 7 @ 9:02am 
Oh really, Ill check it out m8
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