DarkFX Jul 13 @ 1:42pm
Skyrim crashes at bleek falls sanctum on main questline how i fix?
Keeps crashing
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El Kemosabe Jul 13 @ 1:44pm 
One time occurance or does it happen repeatedly? Do you use mods? If you use mods have you used LOOT?
DarkFX Jul 13 @ 1:45pm 
i use mods and it happens every time i try and enter the sanctum and whats LOOT?
El Kemosabe Jul 13 @ 1:49pm 
It organises your load order, use that, it might fix it for you.
TemporalToast Jul 13 @ 1:50pm 
Might be useful if we knew what mods you have because it could be a conflicting ID/Space/Animal/etc.
DarkFX Jul 13 @ 1:50pm 
where i get it/ lol i am a noob
[S.H.] Osiris Drago [S.H.] Jul 13 @ 1:52pm 
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DarkFX Jul 13 @ 1:53pm 
DarkFX Jul 13 @ 2:17pm 
still doesent work
El Kemosabe Jul 13 @ 2:19pm 
Maybe one of your mods edits that location?
DarkFX Jul 13 @ 2:20pm 
does gray mean conflicting file?
DarkFX Jul 13 @ 2:20pm 
dont think so
DarkFX Jul 13 @ 2:27pm 
should i remove all mods and add them back
El Kemosabe Jul 13 @ 2:28pm 
Originally posted by DarkFX:
should i remove all mods and add them back
You could try that, re-install skyrim maybe?
DarkFX Jul 13 @ 2:29pm 
done taht
Talonmaster Jul 13 @ 2:33pm 
You can ruin save files by removing mods mid playthrough. The mods inject info into those save files so uninstalling the mods might not get rid of all of it. Whats left over can cause crashes.
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