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Split Screen Skyrim?
I know, I know this is constantly asked and I pretty much know the answer is no, but I'm going to ask again, is there any shadow of a possibility that you can do split screen Skyrim? Please say yes...
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EbonHawk Jul 12, 2014 @ 5:08am 
Ok then, yes. But it will take some real doing. First, get two PCs and set them up exactly alike. Then, very carefully, using duct tape and a lot of industrial adhesive, glue their two monitors on top of each other. Voila, "split screen".

I was going to say saw them in half, but I think you'll get more screen real estate the first way. :-P

NO, there's no split screen for Skyrim. What is this, the 21st Century? C'mon.. ;-)
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Well, thanks for replying anyway, the PC we are using is actually a beast so we were going to start 2 different games with the skyrim online mod and have two monitors side by side, if that makes sense.
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