Gooby Jul 11 @ 5:32pm
Uninstalled Heathfires DLC, Now I lost my house after reinstalling it. Need help!
I recently and accidentally uninstalled Heathfires and when I reinstalled it my house was gone! It's annoying because I had so much valuable things in there. I have another save file (which will take me 7 levels back) which had the house. Can someone please help? Searched other threads couldn't find anything.
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The Driver Jul 11 @ 5:45pm 
If you uninstalled and made a save, then reinstalled and loaded that save, your stuff is gone. What'd you think would happen? That being said, mods exist and you can easily make use of the console to get what you lost back.
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Gooby Jul 11 @ 5:53pm 
I thought someone would of created a mod or something but if thats not the case il just use the console i guess.
Zefram Cochrane Jul 11 @ 5:57pm 
When its gone its gone. Its deleted from the save data. No way to recover that.
Gooby Jul 11 @ 6:05pm 
Forget it then..
Fayde1 Jul 12 @ 1:15am 
If someone does create a mod that brings back deleted files, let me know - I accidentally deleted a parking fine in 2007...
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