jeses359 Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:15am
story of your life (skyrim edition)
write intresting backstories for your character tell storys of your characters adventure (truthfully just tell stories about your character it really doesnt matter if they really happend or not just to make 'em intesting
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jeses359 Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:17am 
my characters name is a female imerial her parents were killed when she was just 6 years old no one adopted her she had to use theifery just to stay alive as she got older and more and more people started to hate and shame her darkness filled her heart and she secluded hersself in an legendary temple though she did not know it at the time she trained there for there was plenty of creatures and evil there as she was there for the next 19 years she finally reached the end of the temple she found herself in a giant room where there was a dying spirit waiting there on a throne there she walked up to it catiously and then it and it speaked and said to her i have been waiting for you i feel the same hatred in you thats in me take these clothes and be the next...DE...A..TH...G..o.....d and he died there and as he was dying the end of the temple thhere was a way out it was close to the border of skyrim so she went and saw a fight going on so she decided to do the old death gods bidding and attacked them and as she was fighting an archer shot her with a melatonin indosed tipped arrow and she fell asleep the imperials then got her that is the back story of lomano the shadow
jeses359 Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:22am 
then after she escaped helgen she got back her special clothes and weapons and the she became the god of death. she would kill but never seen or heard all hear is a scream and theres silence but every time they go to see if they're ok the persons body there lifeless and there is a anarchy sign on a wall next to them written in blood
Mormacil Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:35am 
Alright I'll give you a quick recap. Two eras ago a young Dunmer found himself on a dock back in his homeland. Long story short through work for the Imperial Blades did he found himself on the path the Nerevarine. He later settled and hung his bow and glass armor in his home in Raven Rock.
An era ago his son roamed the lands and found himself in Cyrodiil. Unlike the thieving spying ways of his father he was more of a protector. His path set him up for becoming a Knight of the Nine and a brief trip into the Realm of Madness.
Now here we are, a man with a dedication to Vivec. Mimicking him through facepaint and deeds. A slayer of beasts, defeater of demons. Not quite as pure as a paladin but gifted in the arts of Restoration. He also however took up the skill of his ancestor, the bow.
He got caught at the border into Skyrim while tracking a werewolf. He hung around long enough to be called Dragonborn. He then got attacked by cultists from his grandfathers home, Solstheim. So he went back, currently having a pause on the chase of this Miraak fellow to hunt some undead in Skyrim and built himself a home to stash his loot. He currently fields heavy armor, a longbow, a hammer and a shield.
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