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Companion mods
If I have more than one companion mod on at the same time,will the others be able to join me? Or can I still only have one?
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Bansheebot Jul 2, 2014 @ 9:48pm 
Depends if the mod companions use the vanilla companion script or a variant of it. If they don't, they generally should, but they're also not as functional as a normal companion and sometimes do nothing but follow you around.

There are plenty of unlimited follower mods on both the workshop and nexus however.
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John Gromorg Jul 2, 2014 @ 9:49pm 
I recommend Amazing Follower Tweaks, with which you can have up to 5 followers with you at one time, 25 in reserve. And YES mod followers too.
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EbonHawk Jul 3, 2014 @ 4:54am 
Like they said: situationally dependent on how the followers are coded. Most new ones seem to support multiple followers. While the vanilla ones usually don't, as a rule.

I was messing around with adding companion mods, and I went into a tavern inn to check them out, and I kept selecting on each one, asking them to join me (and assuming the other ones were leaving my service). I was tired and wasn't really paying attention, so I didn't notice until I went outside of the inn that all 3 were following me! I thought only one could follow. The coolest thing: they were actually "interacting" with each other and carrying on a pseudo-conversation.

Companions add so much to the game, I can't imagine adventuring without at least one. So, I limit myself to just one...but that rule is probably about to change when I finally meet up with Inigo and Vilja. I've heard they're quite the pair.
Ilja Jul 3, 2014 @ 5:04am 
There is no reason have multiply follower mods. They will clash and cause problems. My take on them is following:

- UFO is a bit clunky, but compatible with almost everything out there. Those who claim otherwise have very little understandig about UFO and mod relations. It is simply the best follower mod for all beginners and even for more experienced players.

- AFT is a good mod for more experienced players, with a lot of nice and practical options. Unfortunately it has a bunch of incompatibility issues. While many of them originate from other mods and characters trying to use AFT, it is AFT's own system that creates the base for bugs and glitches. Trouble is easilly avoided, though, if you pay attention for compatibility notes in other mods. Most glitches can be circled around and ignored, if player is avare of them. It is unnecessarily complex, but still worked upon.

- EFF has good potential, but is incompatible with Serana and characters similar to her. EFF is a good and simple follower mod for vanilla game, but not recommended for games with Dawnguard and/or detailed custom followers. Development has been slow. What really comes out of it is still left to be seen.
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