Nero Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:03pm
Hello, i just want to ask if i can have more than one place to build my own house?
Simply can i build two houses?
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Ilja Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:04pm 
You can build three houses.
mpd1958 Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:23pm 
There are three locations in Skyrim for you to build on, however you get the same choices of structures at all locations. So you can mix and match as you wish at each location.
Nero Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:28pm 
I must build em on marked area or i can build it everywhere where i want to?

mpd1958 Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:32pm 
Three specific plots are available for building. There are a few mods that will let you build houses where ever you want. Check the Nexus and Workshop.
Konan ヅ Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:34pm 
like they said, you can build just three houses
Nero Jul 21, 2014 @ 2:40pm 
Thanks for answer.Anyway Can i mix mods and heathfire dlc?
Grathagis Jul 21, 2014 @ 3:11pm 
There are many mods that add houses. You will only have to look out that they are not in the same place. The area around Whiterun is pretty popular with modders.
dedpebl Jul 21, 2014 @ 5:52pm 
Or, thanks to Nexus, you can build a town.
bigbenisdaman Jul 21, 2014 @ 7:51pm 
Originally posted by dedpebl:
Or, thanks to Nexus, you can build a town.

Link please, I wanna do this tomorrow evening! Working on building 3 houses for last achievment atm.
Nero Jul 22, 2014 @ 6:21am 
Can u give me link to that mod too? I like it.
EDIT : is it this?
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