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my personal problem with skyrim
before i start i want to say skyrim isnt a bad game in fact from a technical level its amazing but i feel im the only one who feels it was too how do i say this ... streamlined.

first some backstory My first elder scrolls game was morrowind and it was one of the best games i played the sence of exploration, the dungons design the enemys everything was great it had probles but i went in knowing that it would be aged so the graphics and old style combat system didnt bother me.

then i played oblivion and i enjoyed it it was fun but it didnt have the same exploeration feel as morrowind the enmys were genaric the dungons feelt seperated from the main overworld and the overworld itself felt empty just an ecuse to go frome cave to cave. but i loved all the gameplay improvements like combat and the leveling system.

and then i played skyrim. i was suprised at the lack of classes it made the charactors seem shallow as they were all specified to a certain playstyle instead of making your own the non-story dungons were the only ones that seemed to have much time put into them most were a stright line. and the overworld was useless as it was bassicly padding between the towns and caves with verry little to do while exploring. it just seems that skyrim because of its streamlined nature lost the feeling of a grand adventure morrowind and even oblivion had. im sorry if i wasted your time i just wanted to vent my fellings to people who may understand
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wolfe Jul 20, 2014 @ 4:27am 
i never played morrowind, i wish i had though as ive heard many ppl say its the best....
i still remember the day i played oblivion, walking out of the dungeon at the begining to be welcomed with a huge map to expore << i just got goose bumps again !!

but i really wish i knew what it is with skyrim that doesnt give me goose bumps all over again, i feel the game is very complecated regarding the story line, ive played on both the 360 and pc and still i dont know the full story, i just get so lost in it all, too many side quests turn up too quick and i just feel completly over whelmed by it all, the dragons spawning doesn seem to fit into anything, the guy who takes my souls ive still no idea who he is, i just find now im fast traveling everywhere just to get the quest done and feels very grindy now, nothing seems to fit, like im playing multiple games
Fayde Jul 20, 2014 @ 4:27am 
I stand as vented upon lol

I love Skyrim. However I haven't played the other games in the series...

Delta 1038 Jul 20, 2014 @ 4:28am 
Here's something fun. What didn't you like about Morrowind?
Punymeyer Jul 20, 2014 @ 4:33am 
I disagree about the Skyrim part. I agree with everything else though.

Skyrim has a ton of stuff to do all over the place. I spent the first 50 or so hours in the game just wandering around.

I don't know what you mean by "classes" though. The game doesn't have classes at all. You can play anything from pure magic to pure weapons, and everything in-between. It's pretty much the opposite of what you said, so I'm confused about where you got that idea?
wfandrews54 Jul 20, 2014 @ 8:52am 
This is what mods are for.
Lycan Jul 20, 2014 @ 9:30am 
The premise of Skyrim was to make to player mold it's character from the ground, having little to do with restrains in terms of gameplay. Play a mage and advance quicker by being one, but anytime you could change to a swordsman, even at the cost of a bit grinding to improve your skills and lvl up.

I do agree that morrowin has more quests and more content, but I tell you why: Because much of the game is presented throught text not dialogues, because of that there was more room to put stuff without worrying on hiring more actors for the dialogues line.

Morrowind has an interesting story, but much of that, actually FAR MORE than that could be implemented in Skyrim if there wasn't this "limitation". At least for once I met an topic regarding morrowind vs Skyrim that isn't a nostalgic vent over the newers installments in the series.

Oblivion for me was interesting, but not nearly as compelling as Daggerfall way back, if you wanted the blandest amongs TES game, this is the one. Sure, it was pretty impressive on the launch, but fall flat by the lack of extras compared to III and V (and the buggy yet godlike II of the series).
Malaficus Shaikan Jul 20, 2014 @ 9:30am 
I used to think like that too Bruce Cambell's Chin.
However on closer inspection skyrim has improve alot over the previous titels.
While magic in skyrim has been water down to just an other attack options(rather then you know magic aka the lacking none combat related stuff like water walking and night eye(or a detect life that didnt require me to drain all my mana)

I have found memories of using magic in oblivion to get someone to talk(charm spell) or to see gaurds through walls.

However they are just that.
I tryed to replay oblivion after play skyrim and i just coudnt deal with the npc.
They all looked so empty.
Like they didnt have a personality.

Skyrim has better leveling(face it classes are stupid, leveling up what your doing shoud be in all games)
The world is more alive(and more interested in trying to kill you)

Does skyrim do things wrong?
Most definitly.
Npc for example have never heard of shutting up.
Or not to tell your life story to strange elf's wearing thalmor armor.
Or how dragons are boring enemies.(and playing on legendery only makes them anoying not fun)

But i found that while both morrowin and oblivion did many things right.
Skyrim did it better.
I prefeered morrowinds guilds for example,
I prefeer oblivions spell system.
But at the end of the day.
For every thing morrowind or oblivion did better then skyrim skyrim does ten things better then oblivion or morrowind.

Go to bed.
Adults are talking here.

Mog Jul 20, 2014 @ 10:13am 
Skyrim really improved on one huge area: the levelling system. Though it's not perfect, it's much, much, much improved over TES 3 and 4. In Morrowind or Oblivion, you can set your main 6 skills to be Athletics (Running), Acrobatics (Jumping), Stealth, Speechcraft, Barter and most anything else, then go to the first shop you find in the first town, go upstairs (but in a room with someone present) and jump in circles while sneaking upstairs, and you can hit level 20 before you leave that shop. You can hit level 30 if you decide to sneak around the shopkeeps, steal everything they have, then sell it back to them. In Oblivion, you can sit there and just spam conversations with random town-folks until nobody will talk to you anymore, but you'll have gained several levels by then. I was level 22 before I did anything involving leaving the first town, and that's only because I got bored of jumping in circles and bothering all the townsfolk and guards.

Another huge improvement over Oblivion is the faces of everyone. They look horrible in Oblivion. Heads look misproportionate, faces just look weird. It looks like everyone could swallow a bowling ball.

Where Skyrim lacks, to me, is where Bethesda always messes up. The balance in different play-styles is nearly non-existant (try a mage out with no mods and see what I mean), there's a huge lack of diplomacy, trading could be a lot better, and like the OP and many others, I think the world could have just been all-around better. More flora, more fauna, more than, as the OP put it, "padding in between towns".

What really bothers me about the Elder Scrolls in general is that they made an online title before actually making a game that doesn't need to be modded to be good.

The sad reality of Skyrim (sad for Bethesda at least) is that it NEEDS mods to be good. If nothing else, better resolution graphics and the myriad of bug-fixes brought by the "unofficial" patch. The console versions are HORRIBLE, not only because of inferior graphics capability, but because you can't change anything like you can with the Steam Workshop. Without mods, there'd be a lot less people playing Skyrim.
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HI BILLY MAYS HERE Jul 20, 2014 @ 10:30pm 
thanks for the feedback everyone i gonna awnser some questions people asked

delta 1038 i didnt like the combat it hasnt aged well as well as the character modles were lacking.

goyo el gringo i ment that even though there is a lot it dosnt seem connected like the overworld was just padding also by classes in morrowind and oblivion during the start you would be asked questions that would detemin a class that had 5 really strong skills that leveled up fast and 5 that level a bit slower but faster than the once not picked in skyrim the skills all lvel up the same speed so especialy in late game if you started as a thief you could have maxed out hevy armor and two handed it is more of a roleplay thing then a mechanic thing.

wf andrews i played on xbox 360 first so i didnt have mods this was more a talk of the base game

malificus i personaly liked the class system for rp purposes and you can level up the other skills they ones your class have just get a speed boost like the guardiens stones and while there are more enmys in the overworld i still feel its pretty empty and boring to go through and i will spam the quick travel then go through it.

and mog i dont care for graphics in a game if it still is fun so the models are just nitpicks in my opinion and it is still easy to abuse the leveling system in a simmilar way in skyrim like abuseing the blind guy in white river watch for sneek i got 100 after sitting there and leving my game in at night but i agree with mod statment i have the game itself off steam and i have over 50 mods running just to fix the gameplay problems i have with it
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