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Retard-Man (unmuted) 2014年7月19日 5時04分
Okay then... *Thieves and Brotherhood guild SPOILER*
Maven wants to see me, she called me "by my name". I ask Bryn if I will get out of there alive with I go see Maven. Bryn says, if she wanted me dead, she would contact the Dark Brotherhood. I don't think anyone in my family would accept a contract to kill the Listener.
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Delta 1038 2014年7月19日 7時19分 
That makes Maven's empty threats even more hilarious.
asmodeous17 2014年7月19日 7時30分 
I always thought Maven was a joke to begin with, if she had as much power as she thinks she did she would have been high queen. I always wanted a mod or set of quests that took all her so called power away from her.
Delta 1038 2014年7月19日 7時31分 
asmodeous17 2014年7月20日 7時23分 
Oh I am so downloading this mod Delta 1038, this is going to be fun
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