Monst-E-r Jul 16 @ 7:36pm
Completed the campaign now im confused
What do I do now? Install mods? Kill bandits?
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pacman-98 Jul 16 @ 7:39pm 
Mods are great and there are many quest mods that are out there that are at the same quality as bethesdas if you don't know what mods to use watch my video
Trigger Jul 16 @ 7:58pm 
20 hours, no way you are done-what campaign are you talking about
WanderingJarlPuncher Jul 16 @ 8:06pm 
id go for either mage OR were wolf campaign, you cant do main scenario or civil campaign in 20 hours unless youre in tgm or used the cheaters lounge
Delta 1038 Jul 16 @ 8:36pm 
Define "Completed the Campaign".
Monst-E-r Jul 16 @ 8:38pm 
Originally posted by Delta 1038:
Define "Completed the Campaign".
WanderingJarlPuncher Jul 16 @ 9:32pm 
wich one?
civil war, dragonborn, mage werewolf thief assassin bard twilight dragonborn WICH one did you finish under 20 hours? thats what we want to know? because out of common logic unless you cheated your way across the sotryline its impossible to finish in 20 hours
WanderingJarlPuncher Jul 16 @ 9:32pm 
send a few screenshot of your gears i want to know exactly how much time you spent in skyrim
Beef Hammer Jul 16 @ 9:33pm 
You can beat the main story pretty fast if you just focus on it alone, but it;s actually the weakest part of Skyrim.
WanderingJarlPuncher Jul 16 @ 9:40pm 
beef, iirc 20 hours from char creation to killing alduin, mean your gears are not up to par with dmg dealt // dmg recieved, they arent enchanted nothing, take 20 hours hardcore to level smithing now calculate that with capping alchemy and enchanting. because we can aggree that bashing through the mains cenario in 20 hours means you also didnt pick up squats and that your best item would probably be some crappo quest reward from X npc
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